SAN DIEGO, DAY TWO: DeFilippis and Weir offer up 'Once in a Blue Moon' at Oni

Official Press Release

[Once In A Blue Moon]Beginning in April 2004, Oni Press will be kick off a brand-new series of fantasy-themed graphic novels, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. Written by Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir (SKINWALKER, NEW MUTANTS) and illustrated by Jennifer Quick, the series bends the bounds of reality, chronicling the adventures of Aeslin Finn, a young girl who finds a doorway into a strange and magical world.

"We've always been fans of epics," Weir said. "We like big stories that take the reader across a terrain that is fantastic and varied. We like books that make you excited and make you a part of the experience. When looking at working in the genre, we decided to try our hand at one of those stories that takes that metaphor to heart, a story about a heroine who sets out on her quest by entering this wonderful new place through the pages of a book!"

"Most of us grew up with a special place for THE NEVERENDING STORY," Oni Press editor James Lucas Jones explained, "and these days, I know a lot of people who can't wait for the next volume of FUSHIGI YUGI. Readers entering the story they're reading is a device that has stood the test of time and has become a subgenre unto itself. With the success of the books and movies of HARRY POTTER and the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, fantasy is more popular than ever. And since Nunzio, Christina, and Jen are all big fans of those franchises, it was only a matter of time before they tossed a book like this our way."

Aeslin Finn had a magical childhood-a nice house, two loving parents, and every night before bed, a whole new world to explore. THE AVALON CHRONICLES were the perfect tuck-in tale and her parents enjoyed reading the fantastic fables as much as she liked listening to them. But one day, the book shifted tones. The unbelievably brave Dragon Knight and her courageous Prince faced an evil Wizard that threatened the entire land. But before they could finish the chapter, Aeslin's parents left on a business trip. When her father died on that trip, it was time for Aeslin to stop living in a fantasy world. Aeslin's mom never read from the tome again. Now Aeslin's a teenager and living a fairly ordinary life. She has a crush on Michael, the most popular boy in school, and her best friend Samantha loves to trade secrets and share gossip. It's a fine, if not extraordinary, existence until Samantha happens on a new book-ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. It's a sequel to the novel Aeslin loved as a child. The new pages catch up on the denizens of Avalon and their miserable eight-year existence since the defeat of the Dragon Knight. Aeslin can't believe it. She wishes she could be there to defend all of the creatures and common folk she loved as a child. And then out of nowhere, she is…

"When we read the proposal, we knew it would be great as long as we found the right artist to do it," Oni publisher Joe Nozemack said. "James saw Jen Quick when he was looking at the website for her studio, www.estrigious.com. It almost seemed too good to be true. She completely understands the style and tone Nunzio and Christina were going for." Quick is also creating her own series for Studio Ironcat.

"With ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, we're world building," DeFilippis added. "It's a challenge to both ourselves and Jen to push our imagination in overdrive. Looking at Jen's skills, I just hope we can come up with enough cool things to put them to proper use. It's going to be fun for us just trying to come up with the sorts of things we'd like to see her bring to life."

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is going to be published as a series of original graphic novels, with a goal of doing three volumes a year. The first volume is scheduled to ship in April. It contains 160 pages of story and art and retails for $11.95.

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