SAN DIEGO, DAY THREE: Welcome to 'Smallville'

The hottest comics-based show on television inspired the wildest panel at Comic-con International in San Diego on Saturday. The mood could only be described as mass hysteria as a room packed with "Smallville" fans waited to find out exactly who the two special guests were going to be. Before this information was revealed, a video was played for the audience replaying the top five moments in the last season of "Smallville":

#5- Lana Lang undressing for Clark at the high school pool.

#4- Clark's daring leap from the roof of the Daily Planet building.

#3- A seer reveals Lex's dark destiny in a vision.

#2- Guest star Christopher Reeve informs Clark of his origins and his birth name, Kal-El.

#1- Flashback to the meteor shower that took Lana's parents' lives, as well as bring Clark.

The panel consisted of executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar, as well as Mark Verheidan and series writer Jeph Loeb. The audience errupted in cheers and applause as their patience paid off. Series regulars Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) and Sam Jones III (Pete Ross) joined the others on the panel for a high energy question and answer session.

Al Gough answered the majority of the questions that weren't directed at the actors specifically. The question of a possible appearance by Bruce Wayne was the first to be asked. Al Gough had a tounge-in-cheek response for the audience member: "We would love that to happen and I think everyone in this room should tell Paul Levitz that." Gough made no promises, but seemed just as enthusiastic about the idea as the audience. Similarly, Gough commented that Lois Lane was likely to appear at some point, but not for another season. There was much speculation by fans about how the new season of "Smallville" would unravel based on the cliffhanger ending to last season. Gough could not reveal any spoilers, but did mention that the season opener would be a two-parter. He also reiterated that there would be no flying and no costumes, and that Clark Kent would be the only Kryptonian to appear in the series.

Allison Mack received many compliments from the audience, especailly from the men. There was some concern that her character was being pushed to the back burner, but she allayed those fears: "The third season is where we really branch out into the [supporting] characters."

Sam Jones III had the audience rolling in their chairs as he playfully ridiculed himself and his role on the series. Knowing that his screen time was minimal last season, Sam quipped that he "gets no action,", to which Al Gough countered that "he gets no action on screen." Much to the joy of the audience, Sam encouraged them to write Al Gough and Miles Millar to tell them that they wanted more Pete Ross in the series.

Although the panel was short, the panelists answered many of the audience's questions. One question, dealing with "Smallville's" connection to the "Superman" comics made for an appropriate bookend. Al Gough attributed the show's lasting appeal to the source material: "Comics are modern mythology."

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