SAN DIEGO, DAY THREE: 'Spider-Man,' 'Hellboy,' 'Escapo,' 'Lone Wolf,' more!


Sony Pictures presented Comic-Con fans with a first look at "Spider-Man" and "Hellboy."

[Doc Ock]We'll be bringing you full details of both presentations this week, but for now check out this artwork of actor Alfred Molina as Doc Ock. The floor-to ceiling banner was displayed during the panel, which included discussion from producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, special effects guru John Dykstra and Molina himself.

The highlight of the panel was a brief clip from the movie in which surgeons attempted to extract the metal tentacles which have become fused to Octavius' back. However, the arms are not so willing to be sawed off and begin to flail around the room, thrashing at the doctors, beating them senseless and, with massive metal claws, grabbing the helpless surgeons and flinging them aside.

In spite of cautions from Dykstra that the F/X were still in the early stages, the clip looked outstanding and played like a scene from "Aliens." There's even an homage to Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" which got a big laugh from the crowd. Near the end of the clip, on surgeon reaches a chainsaw like tool and lifts it above his head, ready to take on the tentacles, not unlike Ash from the "Dead" movies.

"Hellboy" was also well-represented. Creator and Executive Producer Mike Mignola single-handedly conducted a panel discussion on the upcoming movie.

Asizzler reel from that one was also presented, revealing extensive footage from the movie and behind-the-scenes. In no particular order, fans saw: Hellboy duking it out with the brutish Sammael, an actor in Sammael makeup testing out his prosthetics on a studio lot, the masked Kroenen doing his sword wizardry, Hellboy stopping an oncoming SUV by slamming his stone fist into the hood of the truck, sending it somersaulting through the air and much, much more.

In addition to the panel, artwork, props and design maquettes were on display at the Dark Horse booth. Click the images below for a look at:

Fans milling around San Diego also saw a large billboard truck bearing a double sided ad for the film. On the right side of the truck was the villains artwork, while the left bore the heroes print.


  • Producer Andy Cosby has optioned Paul Pope's "Escapo" about anescape artist who makes a deal with death for a chance to live on and bewith the woman he loves. A triangle emerges as death is also in love withthe same woman and the man must use all his escape artist skills to freehimself from the ultimate trap.

  • Rich Henn's "Timespell" and "Zoomies" has attractedinterest from several producers on the Comic-Con floor.

  • Alan Scott and David Hahn's comic "Killer Stunts Incorporated" is also generating a lot of buzz, with several producers circling the concept. "Killer Stunts" tells of a Hollywood stunt man who is impervious to harm but harbors a dark secret behind his apparent immortality.
  • The planned "Lone Wolf and Cub" movie, which has director Darren Aronofsky attached to direct, will not be a period samurai movie. In the tradition of "The Magnificent Seven" and "Fistful of Dollars," both remakes of "The Seven Samurai" and "Yojimbo" respectively, the American "Lone Wolf and Cub" movie will be a western. Apparently the thinking is that the manga has already been well-adapted as a series of live action samurai movies in Japan and it would be pointless to simply redo them as American films.

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