SAN DIEGO, DAY THREE: Ross talks 'JLA: Liberty and Justice' and 'Mythology'

Fan favorite and multiple Eisner award winner Alex Ross took the stage today at Comic-Con International in San Diego to talk about his two newest projects, "JLA: Liberty And Justice" and "DC Mythology: The Art Of Alex Ross." Ross was interviewed by his collaborator on "DC Mythology," book designer (and Eisner winner) Chip Kidd.

Kidd asked Ross to describe "Liberty And Justice." "Well, it's classic Justice League, Barry Allen, Hal Jordan. My guys. It's the last of the oversized books that we've been doing. And 'DC Mythology' is a collection of all my DC stuff, and Chip Kidd designed it and he's famous!" Ross paused and glanced over at Kidd. "How did we get you to do this anyway?"

"Gave me stuff," Kidd shot back.

After the laughter died down Kidd elaborated a little. "The book's going to have sketches, unproduced things, childhood stuff. As for how I got involved, I work at Pantheon Books as an editor and a couple of years ago I was putting together a book called 'Peanuts: The Art of Charles Schultz…'" This got a quick burst of applause, and Kidd continued after a moment, "...and it occurred to me, Alex has been doing this for about twelve years now, there's a lot of material and a lot of it has never been seen. So, I have been doing this project trough my job at Pantheon. Of course there are differences -- the other book came at the end of a career and this is just the beginning for Alex."

"JLA: Liberty And Justice" comes out in November and "DC Mythology" should be out by the end of the year.

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