SAN DIEGO, DAY THREE: Oni brings Mike Allred/Malcolm Bourne's 'Tales of Ordinary Madness' back to print

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In January, 1992, the first issue of minseries called TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS landed in comic books stores. Written by established fan commentator, Malcolm Bourne, and illustrated by an up-and-coming artist named Mike Allred, this four-issue miniseries followed a psychiatrist across the routine of several days as the pressures of the job and the patients' delusions begin to weigh on his mind. Now, over a decade later, Oni Press is finally collecting the entire series into one book.

"TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS was ahead of its time," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich said. "Allred was just starting to earn a name for himself, and alternative comics were still trying to figure out where they fit after the black-and-white bust. The comic had a certain flavor to it, one that was both real and surreal, and was a harbinger for the sort of bold and original works we find commonplace today. I was an instant fan, as evidenced by my letter in the second issue!"

"Companies like Dark Horse and the line that would become Vertigo were discovering there was a lot of room to experiment with comic books back then," Bourne said. "Vertigo in particular were working in a vein of psychological horror, and I proposed to Dark Horse that we take that term literally. I was working in the mental health system in England at the time, so I knew the ins-and-outs of the sorts of demons that could plague on a person's life, as well as the stresses that the caretakers could succumb to. It's not autobiographical, but I definitely had the inside track on how things could go wrong. And I still do. My work as a psychiatrist continues to this day."

"Allred was a new discovery for me at the time," Rich added. "I was struck by his bold linework and the distinct style of his faces. Little did I know that he'd become one of my favorite artists and an icon of the art form. MADMAN and X-STATIX have put him on the map, but so many of his early destinations are out of print. Of them all, this was top of my list for collecting in book form."

"I am glad Oni is doing the trade paperback of ORDINARY MADNESS," Bourne concluded, "because I think their line really embodies the ambitious ethos that Mike and I were exploring back in the early '90s. They're one of the companies who has really picked up the torch and are advancing comics towards a brighter future."

Presented in black-and-white and printed at standard comic book size, TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS will be approximately 112 pages. The color cover is being designed by Keith Wood. It features mature situations. TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS will be released to stores in February, 2004.

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