SAN DIEGO, DAY THREE: New M-Men: Marvel At Comic-Con

Marvel Comics provided fans with a peak at future events in a panel at Comic-con Internationall in San Diego on Saturday. The panel consisted of writers Brian Bendis, J. Michael Straczynski and Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada, who moderated the discussion.

The first big announcement was that "Supreme Power," the mature readers remake of the classic series "Squadron Supreme," by JMS has crossed over 100,00 copies in pre-orders, a record for a mature readers comics.

"It's the best thing I've ever done in my writing in comic books," said JMS.

The floor was opened up to questions and one was about the clone of Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, and if that character would be brought back in some respect. The panel seemed a bit stunned, but said they didn't have any current plans, although Bendis said he discussed the subject previously with editor Ralph Machio.

Bendis also revealed that the new "Daredevil" storyline, after his break from the series after #50 (he returns with #56), will be entitled "King of Hell's Kitchen." It will feature new supporting cast members, new villains and situations that have never been seen before in superhero comics. The writer stressed that this is not hyperbole and will ring true.

He's also going to take "Ultimate X-Men" in a new direction, with the introduction of Angel -- with an all new take -- and Dazzler -- think Courtney Love, says Bendis -- in December's "Ultimate X-Men #40." It kicks off the "New Mutants" storyline that introduces a new mutie or mutant faction in each issue.

Bendis will also toy with the idea of the government creating their own mutant team, who the government can trust. He compared it to N'Sync and the Backsteet Boys.

As for how long JMS will stay on "Amazing Spider-Man," he said, "I'll stay in 'til I begin to suck."

The scribe revealed that DC did indeed once offer him "Superman," around the time he was about to sign exclusive with Marvel, but JMS felt that he'd have more creative leeway with Marvel and that he liked Joey Q.

Quesada said that an art of Greg Horn book is in the works, but they just need more art.

The EIC also commented on the infamous Waid situation, saying he handled it badly and that things were "cool" with Waid now.

When asked what he would do now that Grant Morrison was exclusive with DC, Quesada said he would, "keep publishing comics."

The final big announcement was the end of "Alias" with issue #28 though it will relaunch as a Marvel-PG series soon after called "The Pulse". The new series will focus on Jessica Jones, J. Jonah Jameson, Luke Cage and Ben Urich solving various problems. Bendis said it was a natural outgrowth of the series, comparing it to "Stormwatch" and "Authority," and was excited for the new direction.

JMS had a second panel later in the day where he spoke about many projects. He says that "Amazing Spider-Man" #499 is 22 pages of all out action and features thousands of villains pouring into Times Square. John Romita Sr. will also be contributing to issue #500.

JMS also said that in an unprecedented development, he's developing a network television show based in the Marvel Universe, but can't release the details.

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