SAN DIEGO, DAY ONE: Images from Image

CBR News caught up with Image Comics Thursday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego and they provided us with a number of promotional images to scan for upcoming books. Please note that the following images were scanned from color print outs, so the colors may not be exactly as they are meant to be.

First up is a new series by Japanese creator Sho Murase, "Sei." Sei is the name of the main character and means Death in japanese. Debuting in December the book will be a 64 page original graphic novel. According to the introduction of the book, the stories are inspired by the myths of the Shinto, the indigenous faith of the Japanese people. Click the picutres to enlarge.

David Mack fans will have a reason to rejoice in January of 2004 when the company releases the "Kabuki" series. Here's a nice little picture for Mack fans to go wild over.

Image also told us about a new Horror series coming to the I from Jerry Beck called "Something Wicked." The artwork is clearly inspired by the work of the Master of Macabre himself, Bernie Wrightson.

Here's one final bit of promotional imagery for you to check out. It's for a new title called Bloodstream by Adam Shaw and Penny Register.

Image also told us that they've greenlighted a project from Andrew Stephenson and Trevor Goring called "Waterloo Sunset," a story set in a "strange future London" where the people are reverting to mediaevalism. This book will see publication sometime in 2004.

Look for more details on these books in our Day 3 coverage Saturday night.

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