SAN DIEGO, DAY ONE: Comics2Film: Shi, Lady Death, Hammer of the Gods, More



  • The "Lady Death" animated feature has a target release of

    October 2004, the year of the characters 10th anniversary.

  • Rumor has it that parties in Hollywood are close to signing a deal for the

    indie comic "Rex Mundi."

  • Michael Avon Oeming and Mark Wheatly officially closed a deal with Regency

    Entertainment for the production of a "Hammer of the Gods" movie.

    David Engel and David Alpert will produce for Circle of Confusion.

  • Word is that several Hollywood producers are circling Mark Wheatley's new

    book "Frankenstein Mobster" based on the strength of the

    high-concept alone. As the title implies, it's a blend of classic monsters

    and classic gangsters. The comic is due out from Image this October.



At a panel promoting Billy Tucci's new movie "Some Trouble of a SeRRious

Nature," Tucci announced that he's working to set up a new concept with

parties in Hollywood.

"The Magnificent Seventh Graders" recasts "The Magnificent

Seven" and "The Seven Samurai" as a group of grade-school

outcasts who must team up to outwit the school jocks. Tucci and collaborator

J.C. Vaughn came up with the concept and have been shopping it around.

Tucci told attendees of the panel that he is currently discussing the project

with producers with a deal at Dreamworks.

At the same panel, Tucci updated his fans on the progress of the

"Shi" movie. Tucci said that the project is out to directors and Brian

De Palma ("Femme Fatale"), "Loves the concept."

Tucci has also met with Kelly Hu who is interested as well.

The comic creator has written the script for the film. The current option on

"Shi" runs out in November and Tucci said if the movie doesn't advance

before then, he will not renew the option.



"Rat Bastard" co-creator Cliff Galbraith is getting back into the

storytelling business. At his Crucial Comics booth Galbraith was showing the

trailer for his animated feature concept "They Came From Earth," a

dramatic, science fiction story that he aims to produce independently.

Galbraith said he was inspired, in part by Japanese animation which,

unlike U.S. animation, is not reserved for children's movie. "Hollywood is

such a me-too town, why haven't they stepped up to this yet?"

"They Came From Earth" will be a satirical look at man's

exploration for the final frontier, which is there to be exploited as all

Earthly frontiers have been: by violently subjugating the indigenous people and

pillaging their planets. "It's Enron in space," Galbraith said, adding

that the exploration star ship is named The Cortez.

Given the current state of animation technology and the pool of talent to be

found in and around Hollywood, Galbraith is confident that he can produce the

feature independently and give fans of serious genre movies the kind of animated

fare they could only previously get from Asia.

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