SAN DIEGO, DAY FOUR: Wonder Men: Rucka's DC exclusive, talks 'Wonder Woman,' Brubaker talks 'Catwoman'

Sunday at Comic-Con International in San Diego saw a Spotlight panel on Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka moderated by Geoff Johns. But more than just a spotlight, this panel gave DC Comics' Dan Didio an opportunity to make a major announcement.

"DC is building up one of the finest arrays of writers in comic books," Didio said when taking the stage. He went on to mention that he felt DC is assembling one of the greatest line-ups of DC talent the industry has ever seen. He followed this up by announcing that Rucka has been signed to an exclusive three-year deal with the publisher. The deal will allow Rucka the ability to do some projects with Oni. He has one project called "Everest" with Scott Morse that's yet to come from Oni and, "Anything with 'Queen and Country' in the title, coming from Oni, is not touched," continued Didio.

Rucka was asked about his current commitments to Marvel with regards to "Wolverine." He said that there are 18 issues in the can and that was the extent of his contract with Marvel and he is holding up his end of the agreement.

The newly exclusive writer went on to talk about his run on "Wonder Woman," the title he's taking over beginning with August's issue. This will be Rucka's first issue in the ongoing "Wonder Woman" series, but he's familiar with the character already through his work on "Wonder Woman: Hiketia.". He noted that he's never been more excited about a project in his comics career. He's going to "prove that Diana is the baddest mother fucker in the DCU." He also explained to fans a scene where he shows Diana's anger being very internal and tense, as opposed to a whiney tantrum. Rucka said that where Superman leads by example, he'll be having Wonder Woman teach by example and added, "I like it when she gets angry."

"I know every story I want to tell with Diana for the next three to four years," Rucka said. He then went on to joke, "I wasn't sure DC would keep me around that long, but we'll see."

Rucka and Brubaker at this point also joked, "Loosing is the new winning," a reference to their Eisner losses on Friday to their good friend Brian Bendis.

The duo switched gears and began discussing "Gotham Central" (for more information check out CBR's interviews with Rucka, Brubaker and artist Michael Lark from a couple of weeks back). The next big story arc in "Gotham Central," beginning with issue #12, is what Ed and Greg consider to be the scariest thing in Gotham City. "What's scarier than Joker with a rifle," asked Rucka.. "Joker. (pause) Rifle. (pause). That's a whole story, guys." The pair noted there will be more death in that single issue than in the entire series so far and Michael Lark added form the audience "By page 15 I've drawn five people dead."

Following up on a comment Rucka made earlier during CCI, the two disagree on the status of former cop Harvey Bullock. When asked about Bullock's status, Rucka exclaimed, "He killed a man!" reinforcing his view that he shouldn't be allowed back on the force, while Ed wants to see Bullock returned to action. Ultimately, fans will see Harvey's character examined in an upcoming story arc where the decision will be made whether to bring him back or not.

Brubaker revealed that he'll end his run on Catwoman with issue #50 or #51, saying "You will be astonished." Brubaker will leave the book in a way that a new writer could easily approach it and do something else with it.

Brubaker also mentioned his four issue mini-series from a couple of year back, "Scene of the Crime, and that if ever there were to be a sequel to the series it would have to be done as an original graphic novel, as the writer finds the breaks between issues to be unnatural for a mystery story.

Arune Singh contributed to this story

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