As much as I had an absolute blast at Comic-Con International in San Diego this year, it's a very tiring five days and I'm happy to be home. The convention appears to have been extremely well attended. In addition to the following load of pictures from Sunday at the convention, I've uploaded four quick videos taken on Saturday afternoon from the convention floor. I took these to give you an idea of how jam packed the place was. Each file is an AVI formatted video.

A walk from the "Lord of the Rings" pavillion to the DC Comics booth.

(1:06, 18 Megs)Video 2

The intersection of the TokyoPop, Bandai and Viz booths, one of the busiest at the con.

(:28, 8 Megs)Video 3

Sci-Fi's massive spinny things!

(:10, 2.5 Megs)Video 4

Saturday afrternoon inside the DC Comics booth.

(1:10, 17.5 Megs)
Just one half of the convention center with the Marriot Towers in the background.Max Allan Collins
Don't you just love ...... Amazon Women?
Actor Sean AstinJosh Blaylock
Slam Bradley and CatwomanComiCulture's Steve Buccelato
Kurt BusiekCBLDF Defender of Liberty and Mile High Comics' Chuck Rozanski
Slave Labor Graphics' Dan VadoThose "Losers," Andy Diggle and Jock
Dave Eggert and Matt WangerMatt Fraction and Larry Young
Sad Erik LarsenHappy Erik Larsen
Comic-Con International's David GlanzerThe Laura Croft Jeep. Whopeee.
"The Interman's" Jeff ParkerJohn Layman
Those Komikwerk's guys Patrick Coyle and Shannon DentonEisner winner Mike Kunkel
Peace and love, peace and love.Sean McKeever
CBR's own Daniel Merlin Goodbrey"Wildguard's" Todd Nauck
I'm not sure why I took these folks pic."Check out the size of MY light saber!"
Yanick Paquette, clearly afraid some spinny thing is going to fly off and crush him.The Sunday Webmasters/Comic Sites panel thingy. (L - R) Justin from World Famous Comics, Steve Connely and Heidi McDonald from ComiCon.com, Ming and Matt Brady from Newsarama.com and Jonah Weiland from CBR.
The crowds came out en masse to the panel!The other side, even crazier!
George PerezPirates. Ghostbusters. Geeks.
Oh, but Pirate Ladies are sooooooo good!Big giant red thing that is really big and red.
Scott SavaSteve Seagle and Joe Casey
"You suck!" "No, YOU suck!" "Hulk Smash Suckas!"Ben Templesmith salutes! (Apparently the finger is some joke from his forum.
Harley and Green Lantern with Auge De Blieck Jr. hovering in the background.A totally different type of Hulk.
Ohhhhh, fuzzy boots.Don't you just love little fairy/elf type creatures.
Have scepter, will travel.Crack that whip, mama!
Eisner winner Bill Willingham"Archie" writer George Gladir

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