SAN DIEGO, DAY 4: Koslowski Gives the True Toontown Story

[Note: This is a photo of art samples fromt this book, not a scan.]

He's b-b-b-b-back.

"3 Geeks" creator Rich Koslowski told CBR News on Sunday that he's sold a new graphic novel, "Three Fingers," to Top Shelf Productions. Where "3 Geeks" had a more niche appeal -- it lovingly satirized geeks who love comics, sci-fi and roleplaying games -- "Three Fingers" has dramatically broader appeal.

"This is a documentary style thing with the characters we know and love so well," Koslowski said. In other words, if you squint a little at the characters depicted in the new work -- in a more gritty and detailed graphic style than was used in "3 Geeks" -- you can see a famous cartoon rabbit, a famous cartoon mouse, maybe a famous cartoon duck or two. You get the picture.

He's currently 35 pages into the projected 120 page graphic novel, which tells the sordid details of what went on behind the scenes of some of the best-loved cartoon shows in history, and what happened to the cartoon stars after their time in the limelight ended.

"It'll be like any of those documentaries, like 'Behind the Music' or whatever," Koslowski said. "There's some deep dark secrets that have been hidden for many years. ... This is going to blow the doors off of the animation industry."

The idea has been in the back of his mind for a number of years.

"This was the story that was the most polished, and it happens to have wide appeal," Koslowski said. After working as a self-publisher with "3 Geeks" and retaining many of the same tasks when he joined forces with Gary Sassaman on "Geeksville" through Image Comics, he said "it's thrilling" to be able to leave all the publishing issues to Top Shelf this time around.

Koslowski said he hopes "Three Fingers" will be available by next Comic-Con International in August 2002.

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