SAN DIEGO, DAY 4: Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale to do 'Hulk: Gray' for Marvel

[Hulk: Gray - Picture owned by Peter Franken http://home.wanadoo.nl/pafrankn/]I'll take Saving the Best for Last for $200, Alex.

In a move sure to boost Sunday afternoon panel attendance at future years of Comic-Con International, writer Jeph Loeb announced that his next collaboration with artist Tim Sale would be "Hulk: Gray."

Following on the heels of two Marvel Comics projects, "Daredevil: Yellow" and "Spider-Man: Blue," the project was announced at the very last Marvel Comics panel of the show, featuring Marvel Comics writers talking about, well, writing Marvel Comics. (See separate story on the panel.)

As for "Hulk: Gray," the normally reticent Loeb was willing to talk a few details:

"It will take place essentially between issue one and issue two where, for reasons only understood to Stan [Lee], they turned Hulk from gray to green. ... What's interesting to Tim and I is this monster, and how this monster released his inhibitions and destroyed his life."

Look for Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross and Glenn Talbot to all play a role, as does Rick Jones, as "the gigantic pain in the ass that he was back then," Loeb said.

The genesis of the project is a simple one (and Loeb says that, yes, the color titles have a point and are apparently leading somewhere).

"Tim did a drawing last year for a fan. honestly, when you look at it, you say, OK, I want to see that. It's the biggest, baddest, meanest Hulk you've ever seen."

As for when fans can look for "Hulk: Gray" to hit the streets, it's pretty obvious.

"Sometime next year, just in time for the movie," Loeb said. "Gee, what a surprise."

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