SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: Singer sings about 'X-Men 2'

The second leg

of Twentieth Century Fox's super-cool presentation was devoted to the upcoming X-Men

2. Director Bryan Singer took a break from the just-started productions

to show fans an exciting clip-reel and answer questions about the new movie.

Although he was reluctant to divulge plot details he did offer some some


Singer told fans

that the sequel would definitely lay the ground work for a third movie which

could focus more on Wolverine's mysterious past.

The new movie

will not feature the Danger Room. The director also waffled on answering whether

or not the sequel would feature new mutants like Gambit or the Beast, giving

vague responses.

He did talk

about Nightcrawler who will be played by Alan Cummings. Singer said that he

would look similar to the comic with blue skin and pointed ears. The movie

Nightcrawler will also sport some scarification and have the circus past as in

the comics.

Bobby Drake

(a.k.a. Iceman) will have an expanded role and the relationship between him and

rogue will continue to develop.

Storm will have

more to do as well. "Halle [Berry] brought the gold statue and said, 'I

want more to do,'" the director said the Oscar-winning actress' drive to

have an meatier role in the sequel. he went on to discuss the difficulty in

servicing such a large cast of characters.

The impressive

trailer intercut the final chess scene from the last movie with fresh footage

from the first few weeks of the new production. Fans will recall that the

conversation over the chess game had Ian McKellan's Magneto asking Patrick

Stewart's Professor X how he'll feel should mankind pass anti-mutant laws and

come for him and his children at the academy. Professor X responds, "I have

great pity for the poor soul who comes to that school looking for trouble."

The new footage

features Stryker and a team of military commandos laying siege to the mutant

academy and squaring off against mutants. Prominently seen are Cyclops, Iceman,

Pyro and a raging Wolverine. In spite of utilizing only a few week's worth of

footage that lacked of any of the kind of big effects that would be added in

post-production, the clips still formed a compelling montage that generated a

wave of excitement with the crowd.

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