SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: Image announces 10 year reunion special, plus new projects

The Image founder's reunion panel Saturday afternoon, despite being billed as a celebration of the imprint's history, ended up being more of a look towards the future as Image co-founders Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, and Erik Larsen announced several new projects.

Todd MacFarlane's absence was acknowledged right away, as Jim Valentino quipped, "We were going to bring a big cardboard standee of Todd, you know, maybe some dart guns, but we didn't have time."

Valentino went on to announce that, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Image, the foursome is planning a 128-page hardcover collection of all-new material from the four remaining co-founders, to be released sometime this fall. In acknowledgement of the anniversary, each creator will do a story for the book that features the character they first published at Image: Silvestri's entry will be a 'Cyberforce' story, Valentino will be doing a 'Shadowhawk' story, MacFarlane will be doing 'Spawn,' and of course, Erik Larsen will be doing 'Savage Dragon.'

Silvestri said that his contribution will be a story that answers the question, "Where has Cyberforce been for the last 10 years?" Larsen said that he will finally be revealing the origin of the Savage Dragon, and Valentino will be doing the first tale of an all-new Shadowhawk, this time a 17-year-old whose father is in on the secret and urging his son to give up the Shadowhawk identity.

"We're calling it 'A Touch Of Shadowhawk,' " he added, laughing.

Asked about other new projects, Silvestri drawled, "Well, Erik's doing 'Savage Dragon.'"

Valentino added that he had just signed an agreement with James Robinson to issue a new collected edition of "Leave It to Chance" in the "Tintin" format, as a prelude to all-new adventures of Chance Falconer in the same graphic-album style, as well as reissues of Eric Shanower's Oz books. He also mentioned "Noble Causes," a book he described as "What if the Kennedys had super powers?" and "Pro," about a superpowered prostitute. He finished with a brief comment about Warren Ellis and Steve Lieber's upcpming "Morning Dragons." "Vikings land in feudal Japan. Hey, I want to read that. There's tons of upcoming stuff to be excited about."

"And you SOUND excited!" Larsen put in, laughing.

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