SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: Highlights from the Vertigo panel, upcoming projects discussed

The DC/Vertigo Press Conference on Saturday at Comic-Con: International in San Diego featured over a dozen of the imprint's writers and artists in attendance.

Highlights of the Conference included artist Dave Gibbons enthusiastically gushing about his work with Garth Ennis on the upcoming "Screaming Eagles" book. "I've always loved War Comics because they deal with very male emotions like cowardice and betrayal and falling on grenades to save your friends. I have to say that working on this book with Garth was one of the best things I've ever done. Garth's script was very believable and compelling. As you might expect there's great action and humor, but it's different than the humor you read in The Punisher," said Gibbons.

The follow up book to Paul Pope's excellent Heavy Liquid, called "100%", is scheduled for a release in the Spring. Pope was not in attendance as expected because of his desire to complete the second issue of the scheduled five issue series. Each issue will be forty-eight pages long and features new coloring techniques by Pope which will accentuate the darker, more bizarre view of the futuristic Manhattan that was the setting for Heavy Liquid.

Transmetropolitan will begin its final year starting in September. Spider Jerusalem faces greater health problems and must deal with his own mortality. The series will feature three new covers painted by Moebius.

"100 Bullets will become even more violent," promised writer Brian Azarello. "We're not going to see Agent Graves for a long while, I think. Dizzy comes back in issue twenty eight or thirty. I hope your brushed up on your Spanish because we're going to Mexico."

The Endless is a new hardcover book of Neil Gaiman short stories with art by Bill Sienkiewicz and various others. Look for it next Christmas.

Newcomer to Vertigo, Paul Dini, announced his new book Zatanna. "I've never seen her as such a dark character, although that's usually the way she's written. My take on her will be a little different." The new ongoing series will be kicked off with a full length graphic novel before the series launch later next year.

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