SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: DC Announces New Archives, Collectable Miniatures Game

DC Comics had a mixed bag of news Saturday at their big DC Universe slide show at Comic-Con International in San Diego:

To the surprise of no one, DC will be publishing "Justice League Adventures," a tie-in to the forthcoming animated Justice League series on Cartoon Network. The book will be in the same vein as the company's acclaimed Superman and Batman adventures titles, and will feature a rotating creative team and, for the most part, standalone stories.

Another team book, Kurt Busiek's "Power Company," gets kicked off with a bang this December, with a 16 page preview in that month's issue of "JLA" – the first with the new creative of Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke. That's followed by seven one shots in January, teaming Power Company members with DC Universe heroes at various points in time, including Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Superman, Superboy, the JLA and others. In February, "Power Company" #1 finally hits shelves.

In a bit of counter-programming against Marvel Comics' wordless comics month event, DC is using December to grab the attention of fans. Every issue will have a cover featuring the book's logo integrated into the scenery a la Will Eisner's "The Spirit." Each issue will also be a standalone issue designed to be an easy jumping-on point for new readers.

A few more glimpses into Stan Lee's reinvention of the DC Universe were given at the Saturday panel: the Dave Gibbons-rendered Green Lantern greatly resembles a green tree-hugging Dr. Manhattan from "The Watchmen," and the Kevin Maguire-drawn Flash is a young lady whose DNA has been merged with that of a hummingbird.

The company's Archive editions program continues apace in 2002, including high quality hardcover collections of Mad Magazine, Sgt. Rock, Supergirl and Superboy.

Writer-artist Phil Jimenez shed some more light on upcoming issues of "Wonder Woman": Circe and the Cheetah will be showing up soon and Paradise Island will be getting further "revamped." The Alex Ross/Paul Dini Treasury-sized Wonder Woman story out in November has gotten its third title now, "Spirit of Truth."

Finally, DC Comics will be teaming up with Wizkids – makers of the Mage Knight collectable miniatures game – to produce a collectable miniatures game next spring, featuring pre-painted miniatures of characters from the DC and WildStorm universes.

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