SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: DC Announces 2002 DC Direct Line

In a moment of surprising openness, DC Comics made available a list to attendees of Comic-Con International in San Diego of DC Direct products through October of 2002.

The company is releasing a barrage of statues and busts, including:

  • A Green Arrow statue in January
  • A classic Superman mini bust in January
  • Superman: Departure from Krypton statue in February
  • A classic Batman mini bust in March
  • A Krypto statue in April
  • An animated cartoon Catwoman statue in June
  • JLA animated cartoon maquette statuettes of Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern John Stewart, Superman, the Flash and Batman throughout 2002
  • A Dark Knight Strikes Again Statue – featuring Catgirl sitting on Batman's shoulder – sometime in 2002

DC Comics follows up on this fall's Sandman and Harley Quinn snowglobes in February, with the Wonder Woman snowglobe.

Green Lantern fans will have a full choice of which Green Lantern ring prop – complete with power battery base – to choose from, once the Sinestro ring prop is released in June and the Kyle Rayner prop is released in October. DC will also be releasing the next of their larger power battery props, with an Alan Scott green lantern power battery prop released in March.

Green Lanterns will also be well-represented in the action figures of the coming months, with Tomar Re and John Stewart arriving in stores in January and Fatality and Kyle Rayner arriving in stores in February.

Other 2002 action figures include Black Adam (complete with mystical amulet) and Shazam! (with Mr. Mind sitting on one shoulder), both arriving in stores in April.

The Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes, featuring Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman dressed as members of DC Comics' Justice League continues in 2002. In March, action figures of Alfred dressed as Green Lantern and as the Flash will be released, and in September, figures of him dressed as Rob and Green Arrow will be arriving in stores.

Finally, the Silver Age Superboy and Supergirl will come in a deluxe set, featuring Krypto the Superdog and Streaky the Supercat, in a pack slated for third quarter of 2002.

DC will be releasing two PVC figure sets in the next six months: A Smallville PVC set in December and a shiny Metal Men set in January.

DC will also be continuing with their soft toy line: Ace the Bathound arrives in stores in January, a Sandman two-pack (Morpheus and Daniel) is in stores in March and Sugar and Spike will be in stores in May.

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