SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: Bryan Singer Talks X-Men 2

Comics2Film bumped into X-Men director Bryan Singer on the floor of the Comic-Con international on Saturday. Singer spent a few minutes with us answering questions about the currently-in-development X-Men.

We asked Singer how he feels about the intense fan-scrutiny movies like X-Men are under. "Well it's very unusual. Every day on the set there was put a stack of Internet gossip on my video monitor. Sometimes it inspires some thinking."

The set-up of the complex world of Marvel mutants was handled in the first film. Singer said he felt that developing the next story would be a lot easier with that out of the way, but the script for X2 has new challenges. "There's more freedom, but at the same time it's trying to keep everyone in the story and find things everyone to do and explore things that you didn't have the opportunity to do the first time, and also introduce new characters."

Singer wouldn't comment on which new characters, hero or villain, might show up in the next film. He did comment a bit on the storyline saying, "You'll know a bit more about Wolverine.

"Our story is laid out and we're now working on the screenplay. David

Hayter and a writer named Zack Penn is working with me," Singer said. "I

get very hands-on in the script stage, so it's very much a strange

collage that I'm the funnel for."

Singer said internet rumors that suggested Hayter and Penn were

independently on different takes on the subject matter are untrue.

"They're working on a single treatment. It's really a collaborative

effort on all three of our parts. I outlined a storyline and they worked

from that. It's on odd way of working but it's not two separate movies.

It's one storyline."

Cameras are due to roll on X2 early next year. We asked Singer if the

schedule feels as hectic as the original. "We'll see how the schedule

evolves," the director said. The release of the original movie was moved

up while that one was in preproduction. "This one, if we have some more

preparation we'll be OK even if we do run into an early schedule."

A genre movie like X-Men seemed like a departure from Singer's earlier

movie, The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. However, Singer hopes to

continue working in genre and non-genre movies. "I love the science

fiction and fantasy genres. I always have, so I think I'll always be

interested in exploring those. But yes, making more dramatic films, more

actor-driven films is something I'm definitely interested in. They also

can be done in a shorter amount of time so if I feel the need to make

more films I may make a smaller film in between the larger films.

We asked Singer if he had any interest in any of the other comic book

characters. "At the moment I'm focused on X-Men. But I'm very close with

Marvel. We've become good friends over four years. So, anything's

possible. They have so many great characters."

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