SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: X-Books Round-Up

Fans of Marvel Comics' X-Men books got the chance to talk face-to-face with creators Friday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Missing X-Men will be turning up here and there, with a number of them appearing this winter as part of the X-Corps in "Uncanny X-Men." Lead by a bitter Banshee, this team of former X-Men will be patrolling Europe, writer Joe Casey said. Issue 400 will also see guest artists participating, including Ashley Wood, Sean Phillips and Eddie Campbell.

There's enough bad feelings go around for everyone in the X-books, as the former X-Men of Chris Claremont's "X-Treme X-Men" "will have to deal with the fact that the bald guy kicked them out," Claremont said. They'll also be the first line of defense against alien invaders "from Dimension X, and only my guys can stop them. Or not."

Judd Winick will be exploring Claremontian corners of the Marvel Universe (or multiverse, actually) in the pages of "Exiles," including seeing an alternate version of the trial of Phoenix, seeing Alpha Flight and the Hulk together and battling Skrulls.

The biggest shake-up to the mutantverse, of course, will be in the pages of the "Origin" miniseries, which will fill in many of the details of Wolverine's origin.

Writer Paul Jenkins defended the idea of revealing information about an inherently enigmatic character.

"The problem with a character saying he doesn't know his origins is it loses its impact after a while," Jenkins said. "This will reenergize him as he searches for the pieces of him that he's missing.

But, as always, when you want big – and possibly crazy – ideas, you have to come to "New X-Men" writer Grant Morrison.

"We want to do something with Phoenix that's almost the reverse of what Chris did 20 years ago. What would happen if Jean really was a goddess?"

The new X-Men will also be picking up new members, including one described as a "trailer trash" girl, a female fundamentalist female Muslim mutant and a powerful Chinese mutant introduced in this year's annual.

Finally, for everyone who thinks that the new X-costumes are based on the movie version, Morrison set the record straight: "They're based on municipal workers."

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