SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: ''Leave It to Chance'' Returns in 2002

Now that James Robinson's schedule has a "Starman"-shaped hole in it, in the wake of concluding that series recently at DC Comics, have no worries that he'll be at loose ends with all his newly acquired free time: Image Comics publisher announced Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego that Robinson would be returning to the series at Image next year.

The kid-friendly supernatural adventure series, which went on an indefinite hiatus several years ago shortly after acquisition of original publisher WildStorm by DC Comics, will return in a quarterly series in an over-sized format most familiar to American readers as the format classic European comics "Tintin" and "Asterix" are published in. (Adding to the international flavor of the new series is Valentino's hopes to have the series published in at least three versions around the world simultaneously.)

In addition to the new stories, which will reunite Robinson with original series artist Paul Smith, Image will be republishing the original volumes of the series, and will only begin publishing new stories once the original stories are concluded. (The original series ended on a cliffhanger, in fact, with young series heroine Chase Falconer being told that her father the occult investigator Lucas Falconer, had died.)

Valentino also told CBR News that he hopes to sign another critically acclaimed kid-friendly book to a similar deal this weekend.

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