SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: Jimenez Gets Another Year on ''Wonder Woman,'' Extends Contract with DC

Phil Jimenez's lifelong dream was to work on DC Comics' "Wonder Woman." Having finally gotten the chance, the writer-artist won't be leaving the title as soon as originally announced.

Jimenez announced Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego that he has just renewed his contract with DC and that he would be staying on "Wonder Woman" for at least another year.

The next major story in the title features Wonder Woman leading the DC Universe's superheroines into battle against its villainesses.

He also hopes to do a spin-off miniseries at some point.

"I'm dying to do an Amazons mini that Artemis would be a part of," he said while at a Friday morning DC superheroes panel.

But what of Greg Rucka, who was in the on-deck circle as the next writer to take over "Wonder Woman" after Jimenez's run was finished?

"When Phil is ready – and I don't think anyone wants to rush him – I'll be ready," Rucka told CBR News later on Friday. "I live to serve Diana," he grinned.

In the meantime, Rucka's still hard at work on "Hiketeia," his Wonder Woman graphic novel he's working on with artist J. G. Jones.

The graphic novel is "the only time in my career writing comes where, after seeing the pages, I went back and rewrote the script" in order to keep up with the high quality of the artwork, Rucka said.

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