SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: Have Faith In Carey: creator reveals new Vertigo series

If yesterday's news wasn't proof enough, Mike Carey is quickly becoming one of the industry's busiest creators. But next spring, Carey told CBR News will diversify his resume yet again with the release of "My Faith In Frankie," a four-issue creator-owned mini-series from DC's Vertigo imprint. The series will feature art by newcomer Sonny Liew, who just finished art school last summer and sent in samples that impressed editor Shelly Bond. "He has a very strange style, remiscent of Moebius and a bit of Sam Keith, but its a very fresh look," explains Carey. "You'll see just how fantastic his art is in the flashback sequences that showcases his unique style."

Carey goes onto describe the series further, saying that it is a romance story, albeit with a supernatural spin as you might expect from Vertigo. The title, character Frankie, has two boyriends but here's the catch- one's a god and the other has a terrible secret "beside being dead." "Actually, everyone assumes he's alive since he died as kid," says Carey of the character Dean Baxter. "But then you have Jeeriven, the god off 'heart's fire' who is somewhat of a troubled teen deity and who finds all his power in Frankie, his only believer.You see, without her and her belief in him, Jeeriven wouldn't exist. He really cares about Frankie- he does sabotage a lot of her dates from afar, but he doesn't do it with mailicious intent: he does it with the belief he's protecting her. We'll also explore a sort of 'Godtown' where all the gods hang out. It's gonna have a crazy, eclectic look I promise."

Look for a more in-depth preview of "My Faith In Frankie" from CBR News coming soon.

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