SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: Grayson on Grayson with 'Nightwing'

At long last, Devin Grayson has her dream assignment: writing DC Comics' "Nightwing."

"I am totally thrilled and pscyhed far beyond what is probably appropriate to be on Nightwing," Grayson said in a Friday Batman panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego.. "Someone asked me how long I'd be on the book and the answer is until they take it out of my cold dead hands."

Those concerned that "Nightwing" is an action book, while Grayson has a reputation for being a somewhat introspective writer need not worry:

"It's an action book and will remain an action book. My exact marching orders from [editor Bob Shreck] were 'make that fucker jump.'

"This year we're dealing with workaholism. And I decided it's finally time for Dick to solve the crime that brought him to Bludhaven," she said. "He solves the case and starts to take on the corruption in the police force. ... Everyone in the Batman family expects him to leave ... and he doesn't."

Look for the Flash and Arsenal to guest star in the coming year.

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