SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: Geoff Johns' Big Day at Comic-Con

Note: Adult language in the following story. And some kissing.

Call it the Comic-Con International version of sky-writing.

During a DC Comics panel on Friday covering their superhero comics, Johns – the writer of "Flash" and co-writer of "JSA" – got a question from a member of the audience that he's unlikely to get asked again:

"I am Geoff Johns' girlfriend, and I want to know if you'll marry me."

She then nervously deposited an opened ring box on the table in front of a visibly stunned Johns. After a passionate kiss, the couple was excused by the panel members.

As Johns and his bride-to-be headed out of the room, a fan called out "did you say yes?"

Johns' reply: "Hell, yes!"

CBR News caught up with a beaming Johns later in the day over in Artists' Alley, at the table of "Flash" artist Scott Kolins. There, the two sketched out what fans could expect from the series in the coming months.

Kolins and Johns said the book is fully six months ahead of schedule at DC, making it two months further along than any other book at the publisher. This has the salutary effect of making "Flash" events more canon than other DCU books that might involve the "Flash" family, "because we're first through the door," Kolins said.

Look for a heightened presence of the Rogues Gallery in coming months, as well as lots of thrills and spills, with things kicking into high gear this winter.

"Every issue ... will have a cliffhanger that will have people saying, 'holy shit!'" Johns said.

Johns' favorite issue of the series so far, issue #182, is a spotlight on Captain Cold – whom Johns is hoping to do a miniseries about – with a gritty noir crime feel to it.

"He's more than a guy with a cold gun. He's an asshole who's been fucked through life and he happened to get a gun that shoots absolute zero."

Late this winter, look for a bruising Gorilla Grodd issue that leads into "Crossfire," a four issue arc featuring the Rogues and their relationship with Keystone City. New villains from the "Iron Heights" one shot will also be surfacing around this time.

Johns also revealed that he and "Iron Heights" artist Ethan Van Sciver will be producing a four-issue Marvel Comics miniseries featuring the Morlocks.

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