SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: Comics2Film round-up: Hollywood news from CCI on Friday

  • "Alias" producer J.J. Abrams announced Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego that he's entered into an agreement with Rob Leifeld's Arcade publishing for a line of comics based on the hit spy show. No details were offered other than the target release date for the book: December of this year.
  • Progress continues on the "Rising Stars" movie according to Atlas Entertainment exec Gloria Fan. Anthony and Joe Russo (Welcome to Collinwood) began a rewrite of J. Michael Straczynski's script for the movie earlier this year.

    "So far we've been very happy with the work they've done," Fan told CBR News. "They've been able to keep the essence of what made Rising Stars so unique and amazing."

  • "Buster's Neighborhood," the new graphic novel by writer Kaja Blackley and artistAlex Hawley made it's debut a Comic-Con International this week. Blackley may be best known to readers as the author of the graphic novel "Dark Town" which served as the basis for last year's live-action/animated feature film "Monkeybone" starring Brendan Fraser. Blackley told CBR News that the new book represents a return to comics that are fun.

    "We basically took everything that we enjoyed as kids and put it into the book," Blackley said. "It's an eleven year-old boy who, as a hobby, builds a giant robot in his garage. The government finds out about this giant robot, decides it would be of great benefit to them and tries to extract it."

    The concept is already supported by a flash animated trailer which can be found at the official website. Plans are to develop it for multi-media, including a live-action feature, an animated TV show, video games, etc. Buster's Neighborhood has already attracted attention from several studios, Blackley told us.

    The graphic novel is published by Mutant Toast Productions and Paper Giant Entertainment. Fans can order it from Diamond Catalog for September or October delivery to comic shops.

    If you're at the Comic-Con you can pick up a copy at the Buster's Neighborhood booth, #320. You can also register to win a black varsity jacket sporting Buster's Neighborhood artwork.

    Blackley plans on publishing one or two graphic novel installments of the character, a la Tintin each year.

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