SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: Comic-Con International 2002: Day 2 News Round-Up

  • For those fans of Denny O'Neil's now classic "Question" series or the character's recent appearances in "Batman/Huntress," take note of events at the Comic-Con International in San Diego. At the "DCU: Racing Into Tomorrow" panel on Friday, DC's Patty Jeres revealed to fans that Vic Sage, aka The Question, may be returning soon. "There's a good proposal in," said Jeres and also noted that there is a "good chance" of the Question returning sooner than later.
  • Patty Jeres also reported that DC will not be continuing with their "Hitman" trade paperbacks because they believe that Hitman fans own all the issues of the comic books and have no desire to own the collected editions.

  • On the JMS/JRJR panel John Romita announced he has two creator owned projects coming up from Marvel Comics. One will be "Grey Area," a collaboration with Glen Brunswick of the film "Frequency." "I feel a little bit freer," says Romita of working on creator owned projects.

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