SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: The Year of Living Dangerously: 'Danger Girl' Returns in 2003

[Danger Girl]There was a time when J. Scott Campbell was known for his bright and sexy female characters created for DC/WildStorm.

After first rocketing to fame as the artist of "Gen13," Campbell then created "Danger Girl" for the fledgling Cliffhanger line for WildStorm. The series, touted as "guaranteed on-time, guaranteed kick ass" quickly ran into serious timeliness issues, with the six issue original series eventually taking years to wrap up. A two issue Danger Girl miniseries by Tommy Yune followed in 2002.

And while the series is still used as a punch-line in some quarters for its not-terribly-timely reputation or its ultra-sexy main characters, editor Scott Dunbier says there's still a large, and enthusiastic audience out there for the title.

"We get letters from people or get e-mail fairly regularly asking 'when are we going to get more Danger Girl,'" Dunbier told CBR News earlier in the day. "Which replaces the question we used to get, which was 'when are you going to put J. Scott Campbell back on Gen13?'"

The answer is: the first quarter of 2003, the company announced Thursday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.. The Danger Girls who survived their previous two series return in a 48 page special, "Danger Girl: Hawaiian Punch." (Yes, WildStorm checked with the DC Comics legal department.)

The book, described by artist Phil Noto at the DC/WildStorm panel Thursday afternoon as "just them in Hawaii on vacation, and shenanigans ensue," is the first of four planned specials taking place around the world, which Dunbier said WildStorm hopes to release at the rate of two a year.

Noto will be handling art chores, while JSC and Andy Hartnell take up their usual writing chores.

While original Danger Girl Natalia Castle ended up betraying the team in the original series, there will again be three Danger Girls in "Hawaiian Punch." Former support team member Val graduates to full Danger Girl agent, and is embroiled in the shenanigans as an equal to team-mates Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage.

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