SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: JLA/JSA: Men in Tights

[JLA Avengers]DC Comics has never been one to shy away from promoting their top-tier heroes and the Comic-Con International in San Diego was no exception in a panel hosted by group editor Dan Raspler, creators Geoff Johns, Joe Kelly, Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns, Leonard Kirk, Stephen Sadowski and Doug Mahnke. While none of the creators were able to offer a lot of information past the "Wait and see" response, there were some juicy tidbits of information to be found.

When asked if "JLA/Avengers" will be in continuity, Kurt Busiek said that it will be "in the twinkie-ad continuity." Busiek also says that he is on the plot for issue four of "JLA/Avengers" and that George Perez is on the pencils for issue 3.

Geoff Johns said that we'll "sort of" see a new Starman, though no other details were given. "JLA/JSA" is coming along well- "There's some cool Dr. Midnite, Green Arrow and Black Canary stuff- they're not friends," laughed Johns, preceding the applause of the audience. All the characters have their moments and there will be classic character interactions. The secret files prequel, with art by Steve Sadowski, should also be full of surprises and DC promises that it'll be worth every penny.

Leonard Kirk says that his last issue of "Supergirl" is so shocking that he insisted it be kept out of DC's booth as a preview and out of DC's preview packs. He also revealed that he finds JSA member Sand the hardest to draw, even though his costume would seem to be the easiest to illustrate.

Finally, Raspler revealed that Chris Claremont will be doing a "JLA" mini-series next year with Josh Hood on art, but no other details were made available.

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