SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: Comics2Film Round-up: Hollywood news from CCI

  • CBR News caught up with red-hot comic artist Michael Avon Oeming on the floor of Comic-Con International today. Oeming tells us that he's starting to see some interest from Hollywood in his "Hammer of the Gods" book.

    "Hammer of the Gods" is a concept steeped in Norse mythology. It tells the story of Modi, a hero who, as an infant, is granted super-human abilities by a Valkyrie. As an adult Modi goes to war with the Norse Gods who he feels have abandoned their loyal followers.

    The creator said that he's in talks with an unnamed screenwriter who is looking to develop a pitch for the concept.

  • At a panel promoting Black Bull Comics, Jimmy Palmiotti said that plans for a "Gatecrasher" animated show are back to square one. The show had been initially pitched to Fox Kids who developed it up to a point but then passed over it in favor of the animated Evolution show (which spun out of the movie of the same name).

    From there the project went into development with MTV. The show reached a certain stage with the music network but that outlet ultimately decided to develop a show with a similar premise (of college age superheroes). That other show? Spider-Man.

    After some efforts to rework the show again, the network finally let their development option lapse and the rights reverted to Black Bull. The comic publisher is currently shopping the concept around for a new development deal.

  • Expect big news about CrossGen Comics' Hollywood doings to come out today at CCI. The publisher has a panel discussion planned for Friday afternoon. Although few details are available CrossGen's guest list provides some clues.

    Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King, The Mask) will be in attendance to talk about his involvement with one of the CrossGen titles.

    Also on the list is Larry Kasanoff, President of Threshold Entertainment. Kasanoff is currently attached to the development of a Sigil movie.

    Larry Whitaker is the former supervisor of DreamQuest Images division of Walt Disney, where he oversaw CG animation on the feature films Mighty Joe Young and George of the Jungle. Whitaker also is involved with CrossGen's new media ventures, details of which will be disclosed tomorrow.

    Finally, ImageMovers exec Bennet Schneir is listed as a guest. ImageMovers is the production shingle headed up by director Robert Zemeckis.

    Check CBR News tomorrow for full coverage of the CrossGen panel.

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