San Diego Aftermath: Johnny Zito and Tony Trov

Last month I spoke with Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, writers of the Zuda strip Black Cherry Bombshells, before they embarked on a road trip from Philadelphia to the San Diego Comic-Con. They made it to the con, and back home, safely, so I spoke with them again to see what they saw and what they learned on America's highways. I've also included some of their video travel journals they made along the way.

JK: Let's start with the first leg of the road trip. What were some of the highlights, in terms of places you stop and stuff you saw along the way?

Tony Trov: We took a leisurely 15 day trip and tried to take in as many cities we could.

Johnny Zito: Somewhere around Ohio our GPS went dead, and we were navigating into Chicago via stars and magnets.

Tony Trov: Things went pretty smoothly after that. We bed down in Colorado the next night. Boulder’s great because the altitude makes every beer count twice.

Johnny Zito: Ended up in Vegas after that. Killed a buffet, doubled our money and checked out some Black Cherry Bombshells’ landmarks.

Tony Trov: It was a mad dash to LA where we couch surfed and bbq-ed.

Johnny Zito: We overestimated the distance to San Diego, bolted from LA super early and got to Comic Con on Thursday with time to spare.

Tony Trov: It was a pretty smooth journey. Kept waiting for that disaster to strike but it never did. Instead we were treated to an endless string of highway diners and open roads.

JK: Did you learn anything about Vegas you plan to use in the strip?

Tony Trov: Season III of Black Cherry Bombshells features Fremont Street and the secrets of Old Vegas. So we spent some time down there looking for cool landmarks.

Johnny Zito: It's interesting how far removed Fremont Street is from The Strip. It is a classy, little fortress protecting the way things used to be.

JK: How did you guys fill the time on the road?

Johnny Zito: 80 gigs worth of music and podcasts... and it wasn’t enough to cover 3000 miles let alone the trip back.

Tony Trov: Shooting and editing the road blogs kept the cabin fever at bay.

Johnny Zito: To break it up along the way we stopped to investigate no less than 3 haunted amusement parks and an abandoned resort owned by Phyllis Diller.

Tony Trov: It was really cool to meet The Harlem Globetrotters.

JK: How were you guys feeling once you hit San Diego? Did it re-energize you, or were you already worn out from your trip?

Tony Trov: The road trip was the vacation. San Diego was supposed to be work.

Johnny Zito: Work is fun.

Tony Trov: The sight of strangers in spandex always reinvigorates me.

Johnny Zito: Call me old-fashioned but a little cosplay dance party is my idea of a good time.

JK: What was the highlight of the con for you guys?

Tony Trov: I bought some original Sergio Aragones art. He drew a new cartoon in the margins when he signed it.

Johnny Zito: Meeting Andy B. Everyone should be reading Bottle of Awesome. It’s mind blowing.

JK: And finally, how was the trip back?

Johnny Zito: Nashville was amazing!

Tony Trov: And Graceland is eternal.

Johnny Zito: But the South is scary.

Tony Trov: Not as scary as the Creation Museum.

JK: I've been wondering about this since the first interview. What's the Creationist Museum like?

Tony Trov: Lots of money went into the place. The animatronics, dioramas and multimedia presentations are on the level of Disney.

Johnny Zito: We were there on a Wednesday afternoon, and the place was packed with children. They put dinosaurs on everything because it makes it look like science.

Tony Trov: Spoiler Alert - At the end of the tour it's revealed that dinosaurs and dragons are the same thing. The museum opens up into a medieval-themed gift shop.

Johnny Zito: I don't want to attack anyone or their beliefs, but that place was full of gross inaccuracies based on causality and supported with fallacious arguments.

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