Samurai Jack: 10 Best Episodes Of Season 5 (According To IMDb)

When it first premiered in the early 2000s, Samurai Jack became one of the most critically acclaimed animated programs to ever air on Cartoon Network. Throughout its 4 season run, Genndy Tartakovsky's second television series received over eight Emmy awards and six Annie Awards(basically the Oscars for animation) from 2001 - 2004. Years after the show's cancelation, Samurai Jack developed such a devoted cult following that it received one last season in 2017, wrapping up the story that was left uncompleted. This final season featured much more mature content, which included blood, language, and darker themes. So, we decided to look at IMDB for the ten best-ranked episodes of the last season of one of the greatest action cartoons of all time.

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10 Episode XCIX (8.7, 659 Votes)

Throughout Jack's journey in this season, he made an unlikely ally out of one of the daughters of Aku: the violent warrior Ashi. Through Jack's acts of kindness and seeing what her father has done to this world, Ashi turns for a warrior of evil to an ally of good. In this episode, we see Jack and Ashi bonding. The two fight groups of bandits, they shop for matching hats and even escape the confines of an abandoned space ship. It all leads to the two coming together and sharing a kiss. While seeing Jack having a Girlfriend does slow things down and focuses less on the action that the series is known for, it still made for a fun episode that was filled with witty banter. It even ends with Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody."

9 .9) Episode XCVI (9.2, 653 Votes)

As Jack and Ashi make their way across the land, Jack continues to show the horrors that her father has done to the world. The two arrive in a village, who's young are being mind-controlled by one of Aku's evil minions. With Ashi's help, Jack is able to save the village, but at the cost of its young ones. However, it turns out that the kids are Okay, but Jack disappears. Seeing one of Aku's own converting to the side of good is something that's rarely seen in the series, and it's much more impactful that one of his children would now turn on the evil tyrant. While the plot with Jack and Ashi takes up the majority of the episode, the real fun is seeing Jack's old Friend, The Scottsman, return and attempting to kill Aku. The final confrontation with the two ends up being comedically tragic as Scottsman insults Aku, and Aku kills him without any effort.

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8 Episode C (9.3, 597 Votes)

It was the beginning of the end, as Jack and Aku confronted each other for the first time in 50 years. Just as Aku is awkwardly leaving the Samurai, he sees that Ashi is with him. Through the use of his dark magic, Aku takes control of Ashi and forces her and Jack to fight with each other. Jack is unable to comply and surrenders at the hands of Aku. The episode features a lot of the trademark humor, action, and drama that the series is known for and has one of the saddest twist endings to happen in the franchise. But, this would not be the end of Samurai Jack.

7 Episode XCVII (9.3, 683 Votes)

After Jack disappears, Ashi washes away the ashes that make up her outfit and dons a leaf cover one. Ashi then travels far and wide to find Jack. She even comes across his old friend, Da' Samurai (voiced by Keegan Key). Ashi is finally able to track Jack down but is tricked into nearly committing Seppuku by the being called the Omen. Seeing Ashi finally turn good gives the character much more dimension to her, and seeing Jack nearly committing suicide makes for one of the darkest moments in the entire series.

6 Episode XCV(9.3, 714 Votes)

Who doesn't love seeing enemies working together? When a giant creature swallows Jack and Ashi, the two must work together to escape. It's a simple set up, but thanks to the tension and action on display, the episode is able to overcome these shortcomings. It's always exciting to see characters like Jack and Ashi forced to put aside their differences to achieve a common goal. The deal is even sweeter as this was the beginning of Ashi's journey to the side of good

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5 Episode CI (9.3, 924 Votes)


It's the episode fans have been waiting 13 years to happen. After Jack is captured and set to be executed on public Television, all his friends come to save the Samurai. Seeing everyone from the show makes for a Nostalgic trip for anyone who grew up with the series, and the final confrontation between Jack and Aku is outstanding. It all ends with Jack defeating Aku and returning to his home. While we won't spoil the whole thing, let's say that if you've seen Gurren Laggan, you might know what to expect from this final episode.

4 Episode XCII (9.4, 1,347 Votes)

After years of waiting and hoping, Toonami and Adult Swim announced in 2015 that Samurai Jack would be returning. For two years, fans had waited, and their wait was rewarded with this episode. Things had changed since we last saw Jack. He hasn't aged, but he no longer has his sword, he's ditched his Robes for Cyberpunk Samurai Armor, and he has lost his optimistic determination to defeat Aku. He still helps where he is needed, but he only fights to survive. It makes for a dreary start, but it also reminds us why we love Samurai Jack. The action, minimal use of dialog, and sci-fi world are what many loved about Samurai Jack, and many were just happy to see more of Jack.

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3 Episode XCVIII (9.5, 642 Votes)


After Ashi knocks Jack back to his senses, the two go on a quest to recover Jack's sword, the only thing that can even damage Aku. However, Jack reveals that he discarded it after his last confrontation with Aku. Jack must now meditate to reclaim his sword. While this is happening, Ashi comes in conflict with her mother. The episode is all about facing your demons. Jack must come to grips with his actions and rid himself of his anger(taking the form of Mad Jack), and Ashi must defeat her Mother, who has spent years training and punishing her. The two face them head-on, and Jack returns to his original appearance and retrieves his iconic sword.

2 Episode XCIV (9.7, 998 Votes)

After Jack is badly wounded, he takes cover to heal up. While this is happening,  Jack argues with his dark side. He even contemplates if he should continue living. It's another example of how far the series has aged. Jack then uses his skills to fight against the daughters, killing three members before falling lost into an abyss. It makes for the continuing evolution of what Samurai Jack has become, an animated show that has grown up with its audience.

1 Episode XCIII (9.8, 1,361 Votes)

After a blazing start, the second episode is the installment of the final season that fans remember the most. In it, we're re-introduced to Aku, ruler of the world. The intro quickly reminds us that, unlike a lot of villains, Aku is one that isn't afraid to be silly. He's become bored with Jack and consults with his therapist(himself) on what to do. It makes for some great comedy, and while fans will forever miss Mako as Aku, Greg Baldwin(who replaced Mako as Iroh in Avatar) makes for a worthy replacement. It all makes for a great reminder of why fans love this dastardly villain.

Meanwhile, The High Priestess sends the Daughters of Aku after Jack. It is here we get to see how the Show has matured after years of cancelation. Jack kills one of the daughters and is sabbed by her, showing both characters bleeding. While Samurai Jack had shown violence before, this was a much darker use of it. It made for what many fans consider the best episode in the entire series, seeing how it outshines every other episode on IMDB.

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