Samurai Jack: 10 Best Fights In the Series, Ranked

Samurai Jack is a series full of iconic images and some even more memorable fights. In fact – there were so many amazing fights in this series, one might have a bit of trouble figuring out their top ten list.

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So we've gone ahead and done it for you. Here are our top ten fights from the entire Samurai Jack run, ranked. These fights are either the most dramatic, the most brutal, or just elegantly designed. In every single fight we've picked out, there is something memorable to take away from each one. These are the sorts of fights many fans have been happily remembering for years now – and will likely do so for many more.

10 Jack Vs Scaramouche

Scaramouche, Aku's top hitman (at the time), targeted Jack on Aku's orders. That's his job, after all. He's a bit eccentric, for a hitman but he sure is a memorable character, one with some crazy moves and sounds.

Jack's fight against Scaramouche was a dramatic one – as are all of his fights, really. Scaramouche was not a character content to stay quiet during his fight. And thus he made for a shocking contrast against our silent and tortured hero. Perhaps the best part about this fight is that Jack was forced to think differently in order to take on the singing villain.

9 Jack Vs The Guardian

The fight with Jack against the Guardian is perhaps one of the most memorable, thanks to the challenge the Guardian gave Jack. In fact, it can be said that The Guardian is one of the few characters that Jack was incapable of beating. And he'll never get a chance for a rematch either, thanks to Aku taking the Guardian (and the portal to the past) out at some point.

The Guardian's job is linked with his name. And as such, he was the only thing stopping Jack from getting back to his past. So not only was this a physically brutal fight but an emotionally intense one as well.

8 Jack Vs The Ultra-Robots

The Ultra-Robots are a series of robots designed specifically for one purpose: to track and hunt down the infamous Samurai Jack. Their appearance at first is a bit odd, given that they're dressed up as a bunch of baskets (perhaps in an attempt to disguise themselves?)

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The Ultra-Robots earned Jack's hatred when they had destroyed a village during their hunt of him. You've got to admit, that's a good way to get his attention, even if you will pay for it in the long run.

Here Jack faces on foes in much greater numbers. And they don't easily fall either. Instead, Jack had to learn a bit about them in order to take them down. But once again, Jack proved that he was up for the fight.

7 Jack and the Spartans

Samurai Jack And The Spartans

Samurai Jack has had many iconic fight scenes over the course of the series. One of the most iconic is Jack and the 300 Spartans. In a battle that will remind you of the epic saga, this one is worth remembering. This time around, the Spartans are facing a deadly robotic foe. And Jack himself felt inclined to step in and help them in their battles.

The fight is dramatic, brutal, and so utterly iconic. Jack doesn't step in right away, instead, he opted to wait, giving us plenty of time to see what the Spartans were capable of. Instead, he only jumped in once the tide had turned against the Spartans. From there, the Spartans and the Samurai team up in the most memorable of ways.

6 Jack Vs The Blind Archers

Samurai Jack and the Three Blind Archers

The Three Blind Archers from Samurai Jack are interesting antagonists for the Samurai. They are the guards to a wishing well – the very same well that cursed them into this condition. The fight, like many of the most iconic Samurai Jack fights – is silent, with the exception of the sounds our warriors are making. What follows is a memorable fight, full of dynamic sound effects. The thump of arrows, the whooshing of air, and little more.

Unfortunately for Jack, it is those exact sounds that allow the Three Blind Archers to fight him. This proved to be a difficult challenge for him but once again, it was one he was up for.

5 Jack Vs The Shinobi

Jack versus the Shinobi is perhaps one of the more talked about fights in the entire series. Which is saying something. This fight is without a doubt the most visually dramatic fight in the entire series.

In this fight, Jack takes on a Shinobi robot, and the following fight turns into a high contrast, black and white battle. Here, light fights dark, in the most literal sense possible. It's a beautiful fight, in many ways. And one that took viewers' breath away.

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And of course, any fight that pushes Jack or gives us an opportunity to see what he is capable of is a fight worth including on this list.

4 Jack Vs Demongo

Demongo, the Soul Collector, is one of many antagonists set after Jack by the one and only Aku. He is a dynamically designed character, being a black cloaked figure with blue flames from his head.

Demongo's laugh is one that is hard to forget, and perhaps that is why this fight is so memorable. More than that though is the army of fighters Demongo was able to throw at Jack. It's safe to say that as far as numbers were concerned, the odds were not in Jack's favor.

There's more at stake than normal in this fight. For if Demongo won, he would have been able to take Jack's essence into himself. Which sounds like a fate worse than death. Thankfully, Jack's superior fighting skills give him the edge he needed to win.

3 Jack Vs Aku

With Aku being the main antagonist of the series, it's probably no surprise to hear that Jack and Aku face off on more than one occasion. Each and every one of these fights are memorable and worth including on the list.

The forces of good and evil battle, when Jack and Aku face off against one another. In the first fight, Jack was merely trying to protect his people. Later? He wanted, no needed, to defeat Aku. He wanted to save the world, and send himself home to the past if he was lucky. The raised stakes added something to the later fights, but honestly? All of these fights are our favorites.

2 Jack Vs The Daughters of Aku

Daughters of Aku in training

The Daughters of Aku are a set of half-demon warriors who were bred and trained with one purpose in mind: to hunt down and kill the Samurai. They set upon Jack during the worst part of his depression and trials, and they very nearly won.

What was perhaps the most damaging to Jack was the moment in which he learned that these girls were not robots – but living creatures. Jack's reaction to the bloodshed was not something we could ignore.This series of fights were perhaps the most brutal and desperate of the series. Jack's desperate fight for something new entirely. And it pushed Jack more than any other fight in the series.

1 Jack and Ashi Vs Aku

The last time Jack went off to fight Aku, he had an unexpected ally with him. Ashi, the last surviving daughter of Aku, joined up to take down the monster who was tearing the world in twain. This fight concluded the biggest plotline of the series. And thus it had to be the most dramatic and fulfilling of the series.

And it certainly was. Jack was brutal with his plows, not wasting any time with his hesitations. He knew what the stakes were now, and what Aku would do to the world if left unchecked. The fight was perhaps over a little faster than we expected, but all the most intense fights tend to go that way, don't they? It was certainly more realistic. And it was the ending the series deserved.

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