Samurai Jack: 'Jack's Back' in New Adult Swim Teaser

As "Samurai Jack" fans count down the days until the premiere of the fifth season, Adult Swim has given them a little something to whet their appetites: a 10-second reminder of that all-important date.

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The stormy footage offers only tantalizing glimpses of the title character, first only in silhouette -- his ever-present blade illuminated in the rain -- and then, in a flash of lightning, his determined face. However, all devotees really need are the words "Jack's Back" and the date of March 11.

Officially announced in December 2015, Genndy Tartakovsky's beloved character will return for a 10-episode fifth season on Toonami. As Tartakovsky explained last year, the move of "Samurai Jack" from Cartoon Network to the more mature Adult Swim initially posed a challenge, “because people watch it with their kids through the generations, right, so I didn’t want to go full-on heads getting chopped off, blood spurting everywhere.”

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“But at the same time, I also wanted it to be kind of newer and exciting,” he added, “and take advantage of some of those things.”

Premiering in 2001, the acclaimed series follows a time-displaced samurai on a quest to defeating the shape-shifting demon Aku, who destroyed his father’s kingdom. Praised for its animation style and epic battle scenes, “Samurai Jack” aired for four seasons before being canceled in 2004 by Cartoon Network. During that time it earned four Emmy Awards.

Tartakovsky, who went on to create “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and direct “Hotel Transylvania” and its sequel, discussed a “Samurai Jack” movie for several years, announcing in 2012 that it had begun pre-production. However, the project never appeared to make any public progress.

“Samurai Jack” returns Saturday, March 11, at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

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