Samuel L. Jackson Stars in New Pro-Obama Ad 'Wake the F**k Up!'

In a hilarious callback to his 2011 narration for the parody children's book Go the F_k to Sleep, Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson stars in a new political ad from a pro-Obama group titled ... "Wake the F**k Up!"

Yahoo! has the exclusive premiere of the Jewish Council for Education and Research-sponsored spot, which at three minutes and 40 seconds, probably won't be part of any big television ad buys. However, given its nature, it'll likely get plenty of play on cable news shows. Even if you're not an Obama supporter, it's pretty damned funny.

Featuring a script by Go the F_ to Sleep author Adam Mansbach, an anxious little girl goes from room to room in her house, asking her family members -- all enthusiastic Obama supporters in 2008 -- why they aren't more energized about the presidential election. As her parents, brother, sister and grandparents each dismiss the girl's concerns, a rhyming, cursing Jackson appears to make the case for President Obama (and against Mitt Romney).

"Hell no, it can't wait, your lives will be affected," Jackson tells the girl's frisky grandparents. "Romney and Ryan will cut Medicare if they're elected. Ask the fact-checkers, those two are fact-duckers!" "What do you want us to do?" grandma asks. "Say, 'Hell no, motherfuckers!"

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