Samuel L. Jackson Starring in Kite

Samuel L. Jackson is the first actor to join the upcoming adaptation of Kite, an anime that helped inspire the character of Gogo Yubari in the first Kill Bill film. A live-action version of the story has been in the works for a while, but this is the first news that's been reported about it since director David. R. Ellis took the helm in 2011.

"I'll be doing a live-action version of that in Johannesburg," Jackson told Movies.com.

Ellis doesn't have a great track record, but he did collaborate with Jackson on Snakes on a Plane in 2006. He's also the man behind Cellular, Final Destination 2 and Shark Night. It's unclear what role Jackson will play in the movie, and no other actors have been announced.

Kite tells the story of an orphaned school girl named Sawa. She was sexually abused in her youth but later became an assassin, and then tries to track down her father's murderer with the help of the man who was his ex-partner. The story is controversial due to its extreme violence and strong depiction of sexuality, so it will be interesting to see how Kite is translated to the big screen.

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