Samuel L Jackson Scoops 'Kitty Treasure' to Get Out the Vote

Samuel L. Jackson Swing Left ad

Avengers: Infinity War actor Samuel L. Jackson has never been afraid to get political. Lately, though, he's become more active, going so far as to scoop kitty litter in a campaign ad.

In an effort to get out the vote, the Nick Fury actor stars in a new video for Democrat Angie Craig, who's running for Congress in Minnesota's 2nd District. Jackson declares he's willing to do whatever he can to aid the candidate -- including scooping "kitty treasure" from her cat's litter pan, so she can focus on campaigning.

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"It's really important that Angie wins, so Democrats can take back the House," he says in the ad, sponsored by the progressive political group Swing Left, "and I'd do anything to help her. Anything."

At the end of the video, Jackson emphasizes, "I am so not a cat person."

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Celebrities lending their voices to political causes is, of course, nothing new. One of the longest-running initiatives aimed at getting young people to the polls, Rock the Vote, was started through MTV in 1990, and remains active today. With Jackson staying active on social media, it's reasonable to expect he will continue to use his platform to support progressive causes.

Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury next year in Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home and, mostly likely, Avengers 4.

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