Samuel L. Jackson Joins <i>Oldboy</i>

Samuel L. Jackson has signed on for a small but memorable role in Oldboy, director Spike Lee's remake of the South Korean revenge thriller.

Based on the manga series by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi, Oldboy centers on a man kidnapped and held captive for 15 years with only a television for company. When he’s suddenly released, he sets out to discover the identity of his captor and the reason for his imprisonment, only to find that his kidnapper has even worse plans for him. Director Park Chan-Wook’s original film, released in 2003, won the Grand Prize Jury Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson will play the man tortured by the protagonist (Josh Brolin) in a key, and particularly brutal, scene. The newspaper also reports that Bruce Hornsby will write the film's score.

Oldboy, which begins shooting this fall in Louisiana and New York, also stars Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley.

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