Samuel L. Jackson & Anthony Mackie Reunite For 1950s-Set Drama

Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Nick Fury and Falcon are working together again, although this time it's a project well outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie will star in The Banker, a fact-based drama about a pair of African-American businessmen who, in the 1950s, turned the rules of the era upside down by hiring a white employee to work for them. Joe Morris (Jackson) and Bernard Garrett (Mackie) enlist a Caucasian man to act as the public face of their business, while the duo appears to adhere expectations, acting as a chauffeur and a janitor rather than the entrepreneurs they truly are.

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Nicholas Hoult, who plays Hank McCoy in Fox's X-Men franchise, has been cast as Matt Steiner, the working-class white man hired to front the enterprise. Rounding out the ensemble is Nia Long (Empire, Keanu), who will play Mackie's wife, a key figure in the businessmen's story of real estate domination threatened by the exposure of what is going on behind the scenes.

Jackson reprises his MCU role as Nick Fury in two upcoming Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, slated for release in March and July, respectively. Mackie is expected to return as Sam Wilson in Avengers 4.

The Banker will be directed by George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), who wrote the script with Niceole Levy. The film has just begun production in Atlanta.

(via Deadline)

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