Sam, Twitch Squeeze into Compact Format

The "Spawn" explosion is showing some slight signs of pulling back.

While the new ongoing Spawn spin-off series are still a go - including "Medieval Spawn" and the new mature audiences "Spawn" book - the monthly "Sam and Twitch" series has been turned into a series of limited series.

"'Sam and Twitch' is still coming out in August, but there has been yet another format change," creator Brian Bendis told the Comic Wire this week. "It will be a series of storylines released not as an ongoing, but as a series of mini and maxi-series. The first storyline will run eight issues. … I have written the first four already and angel is almost done with the first issue so we are on time."

And Bendis isn't sitting on his hands the rest of the time.

"'Torso' #3 will absolutely be in stores [March 24]. I just went over the printer blue line and its all lookin' great on their end."

And there's one upcoming project Bendis couldn't say no to.

"Matt Wagner asked me to do a Grendel story for next year. And that even though I don't know how the hell I'm going to fit that in that I have to do it, cause then if I can get Chaykin to let me draw American Flagg, I can retire."

But all's not well:

"I'm sorry to say that from now on 'Torso' will cost $4.95. And while it seems that it is a price increase, it is not. … In reality, the Jinx books should have cost $4.95 for the last two years, but I wanted to offer my work at what most viewed as an insane value, considering the comic marketplace. But it has gotten to the point that this kind of thinking isn't a reasonable request to myself or to my publisher. Remember that each issue is still a packed 48 pages. A book this size from Vertigo/DC ranges in the 6.95 to 7.95 range, so at 4.95 Torso still gives you more for your hard earned cash.

"So, think of it this way, the cover price hasn't gone up, its just that the sale is over.

"And to my loyal retailers, I apologize for this inconvenience, and you can contact me directly about it. I have some interesting ideas on how you can broaden your store audience with this title.

"And to all of you, I'm not asking for something for nothing. I am guaranteeing you the best book possible and, more importantly, all Jinx product is GUARANTEED RETURNABLE through the studio. If you don't like it, I will buy it back. I didn't invent the no return policy on comics and I don't have to abide by it.

"The fact is that comics are a fringe medium. We are a very elite crowd of admirers of the art form. The community is so small now that I think we should just try to help each other enjoy these subversive funny books that rot our brains."

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