Sam Raimi Wants To Play <i>World Of Warcraft</i>

Although recent reports peg Sam Raimi as the man behind the curtain for Oz, The Great and Powerful, the filmmaker is spending his creative energy on another franchise project: World of Warcraft. Speaking at the Saturn Awards this week, Raimi said that he's hard at work on the screenplay for the big screen Warcraft adaptation, with each draft getting better and better.

"We're still working on the story right now," he said. "We've got a 40 page document that needs a lot more work, but every draft that we do with Robert Rodat gets better and better. We're finding the characters and through the characters, we're finding the story. There's no real angle on it. We're just trying to find realistic characters that can live in the world of Warcraft as if you're in the game yourself."

As for what he finds enthralling about World of Warcraft, Raimi said: "I love the visual world that Blizzard created. It's incredibly engrossing, terrifying and exciting. I like the use of scale, the giant monsters they have. I love the giant landscapes that your character can move through. I like the first person interaction you have with other players online. There are so many aspects about the game that I really enjoy."

And when he says that he enjoys the game, he means it. That's right — Raimi himself is a frequent Warcraft player.

"I had a level 29 shaman that somebody deleted by accident that I worked my way up to," he confessed. "Now I've worked a new character all the way up to level 72. That's exactly how big a fan I am. I'm not into power leveling with other people doing it for me. I've spent that many days in the world of Warcraft!"

Warcraft is the only public project Raimi has in the works, as the filmmaker said that there's nothing official regarding his connection to Oz.

"Right now, I'm not really committed to Oz," he said. "We're going to wait and see how that all goes. But I did read it. I love the script. It's a great project. It's something I'd like to become involved with."

Source: Collider

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