Sam Raimi Sees <i>The Day of the Triffids</i>

Director Sam Raimi and Mandate Pictures have acquired the rights to The Day of the Triffids, a feature film based on the science fiction novel written by John Wyndham. Raimi is said to be eyeing the director's chair on the project after winning the rights to Triffids in an auction that included rivals such as Harry Potter director David Yates backed by Warner Bros.

In Triffids, an impossibly bright meteor shower draws the attention of mankind, blinding nearly 99% of the planet's human population in the process. Things get worse when the meteors release man-hunting plants called Triffids to attack and kill the blind denizens of Earth. Raimi-directed horror and hilarity promptly ensues.

Although Raimi is best known now for the Spider-Man trilogy he directed alongside leading man Tobey Maguire, many of us fondly remember (and continue to devour) his early horror work in the Evil Dead franchise and, most recently, the shockingly hilarious Drag Me to Hell. The more horror filmmaking we can get out of Raimi -- especially when there's deadly and imaginative creatures involved -- the better. Besides, if anybody can make killer plants believably terrifying, it's Raimi.

Well, the Treevenge guy could do it, too. Observe for yourself -- but please note that the following video is extremely not safe for work.

Yeah, Raimi's got his work cut out for him in the killer-tree department.

Exactly when the director plans to fit Triffids into his increasingly busy schedule remains to be seen. Raimi is set to direct Oz the Great and Powerful for Disney as his next project with Robert Downey Jr. possibly starring. He's also been attached to an adaptation of World of Warcraft for quite some time.

Source: Deadline

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