Sam Neill Says <i>Jurassic Park 4</i> is 'a Big Reboot, a Total Re-Jig'

It seems as though dinosaurs aren't the only things getting a reboot in the world of Jurassic Park. In fact, according to the original film's star Sam Neill, the whole franchise is getting a makeover.

New Zealand's Dominion Post spoke with the actor who played Dr. Alan Grant in the 1993 Steven Spielberg film about his possible involvement in the recently delayed Jurassic Park 4. Here's an excerpt from the piece:

As well as confirming that he is unlikely to be a part of next year’s Jurassic Park 4 (“I’m told it’s a big reboot, a total re-jig”), Neill confesses he hasn’t seen the new version of the original.

As The Mary Sue points out, it's unclear whether Neill means the film will be a complete reboot, going back and redoing the story from Michael Crichton's 1990 novel, or if he means that the new film will feature a new cast of characters and a different story.

Jurassic Park 4 has a script written by Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, but was rewritten by director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) and his partner Derek Connolly. The film was originally scheduled to start shooting in June, but was pushed back to an undisclosed date.

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