Sam Neill Discovers <i>Alcatraz</i>

Add three more names to the ever-growing pile of actors on board for Alcatraz, the J.J. Abrams-produced pilot for Fox from executive producer, show runner and Lost veteran Elizabeth Sarnoff.

Deadline reports that Jurassic Park star Sam Neill has signed on for the role of Emerson Hauser, the head of a government agency that becomes directly involved in the investigation of several former Alcatraz prisoners and staffers who suddenly reemerge after having disappeared many years earlier. In addition to Neill, E.R. actress Parminder Nagra and Jackie Brown actor Robert Forster have joined the cast as lab technician Lucy and detective-turned-bartender Ray Archer, respectively, according to Deadline.

Beyond the new involvement of Neill, Nagra and Forster, Alcatraz has already recruited Sarah Jones in the lead role of police officer Rebecca Madsen while Jorge Garcia stars as Diego Soto, a historian and the world's leading expert on all things Alcatraz. Just as he was on Lost, Garcia was the first actor cast for the Alcatraz pilot.

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