"Sam & Max: Culture Shock," Free Game Demo Now Available at Telltale's Website

Official Press Release

SAN RAFAEL, CA - Fans of quick wit, biting sarcasm, and deceptively endearing anthropomorphic animals rejoice! Canine shamus Sam and his rabbity-thing sidekick Max, the Freelance Police, are back on the neighborhood beat, clearing throngs of self-propelled gutter trash off the streets. The first Sam & Max video game in over a decade is now on sale at the Telltale website www.telltalegames.com. A downloadable free trial is also available at the site.

Sam & Max: Culture Shock is the first of six planned episodes. The game premiered exclusively on Turner Broadcasting System's GameTap service on October 17, where it was welcomed with outstanding acclaim from reviewers and fans. Today marks Culture Shock's worldwide debut.

Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell says, "It's clear from this first episode that the Telltale crew has a great handle on what a Sam & Max game should be. Creating an engaging, funny, and yummy-looking series while indulging my goofy whims every step of the way is a Herculean task. And the episodic approach to Sam & Max is working as well as I had hoped. I'm a happy little spud!" Mike Stemmle, a driving force behind 1993's trailblazing Sam & Max: Hit the Road game, says: "Telltale's Sam & Max makes me as giddy as a hobo in a transcontinental boxcar full of ham hocks!"

Culture Shock has already received extremely positive reviews from mainstream and specialized press alike. The New York Times reports, "With sardonic humor, a cool jazz score and engaging 3D graphics, Culture Shock has even more style and wit than the original game." IGN.com has awarded Culture Shock its esteemed Editors' Choice distinction and writes that it "is sure to please fans of humor, fans of adventure games and the legion of Sam & Max devotees who have been waiting like demented lagomorphs for a return of the deranged duo."

Visitors to www.telltalegames.com can purchase Culture Shock for $8.95 or preorder the entire season for $34.95. Those who opt for the full season will get immediate access to Culture Shock and subsequent episodes as they come out on Telltale's site. When the season wraps up next spring, these customers can receive a CD version of Sam & Max: Season 1 for only the price of shipping and handling. Sam & Max episodes can also be played as part of a GameTap subscription for $9.95 / month.

To welcome the Freelance Police, Telltale has just unveiled a completely new website at www.telltalegames.com. In addition to Sam & Max: Season 1, the site features Telltale's other games (CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder, the Bone series, and Telltale Texas Hold'em), as well as a selection of high-quality story-driven games developed by third-party partners. With a portfolio of content for all ages and tastes, as well as improved forums and community areas, the new Telltale website advances the company's position as a top-caliber entertainment destination.

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