Sam Hiti illustrates the building blocks of science

Sam Hiti (Tiempos Finales, Death-Day) has illustrated a series of educational books for World Book titled Building Blocks of Science. They're only available to educational institutions, but if you contact your local school or library and tell them you want to read the series, they'll be able to order them. And since World Book is currently taking pre-orders, now would be an excellent time to do that.

The titles include Electricity, Energy, Force and Motion, Gravity, Heat, Light, Magnetism, Matter and How It Changes, Matter and Its Properties, and Sound. Hiti's got several sample pages and a behind-the-scenes video on his blog.

Update: On Facebook (and in the comments below; I'm so unobservant), Hiti offers the following advice on approaching schools about ordering these: "Talk to your library at the school. They will have the budget to get it in there asap. If you bring it to a teacher, they will have to bring it before a school committee to approve it to be a part of the schools curriculum, which is good, but it may take longer to get in. Plus the committee would need the books in order to judge them first, so get it into the library first."

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