Sam Costello says: Just do it!

Sam Costello, the creator of the horror webcomic anthology site Split Lip, is a busy guy these days. He just updated the site, with a cleaner design, a larger display for the comics, and a blog. And he has just posted the first column in a four-part series at iFanboy.com about his life as an independent creator. Costello promises to bare all, including his website stats and financial info, in the final column, but the first one is more of a motivational piece about the importance of makin' it happen rather than waiting around—and he cites his own experiences, both positive and negative. His advice in a nutshell:

If you want to be in comics, be in comics. There’s no certificate to earn, no test to pass. Comics are easy and relatively inexpensive to get into on your own. So if you want to make comics, start making them.

And because he takes his own advice (well, eventually), Sam has just released the second volume of his print anthology, a slightly less fancy version of the limited edition he debuted at MoCCA.

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