"Salvation Run" #7 increases in size to 40 pages

Official Press Release

SALVATION RUN #7, the finale to the explosive DCU miniseries, will arrive in

stores as a 40-page issue, with a cover price of $3.50 U.S.

In this issue, written by Matthew Sturges with art and cover by Sean Chen &

Walden Wong and a variant cover by Neal Adams, the ultimate game of survival

between the DCU's villains reaches its dramatic end! Who will live? Who will

die? Will anybody make it home?

Also, please note that the SALVATION RUN #7 VARIANT COVER was left out of

the Previews Order Form. Retailers may order the SALVATION RUN #7 VARIANT

COVER under the new item code JAN088283.

SALVATION RUN #7 (MAR080141) is solicited in the March Previews and is

scheduled to arrive in stores on May 7.

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