Salt Lake Comic Con claims victory in trademark case, SDCC says litigation still ongoing

The legal dispute between Salt Lake Comic Con and Comic-Con International appears to remain unresolved -- despite what one side has claimed.

On Thursday, Salt Lake Comic Con issued a press release stating that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Dan Farr Productions, the company behind SLCC, the trademark for "Salt Lake Comic Con." The press release further states SLCC co-founder Bryan Brandenburg's belief that the trademark will "virtually eliminate this ongoing legal battle." However, Comic-Con International fired back to state the issue isn't finished.

In a subsequent press release from Comic-Con International, Dan Farr Productions' trademark is clarified as a "Supplemental Trademark Registration," which is distinguished from a Principal Register in that it "does not convey the presumptions of validity, ownership and exclusive rights to use the mark." "As there is no opposition process for a Supplemental Registration we of course were not able oppose it, however we are engaging this matter as part of the normal course of protecting our already granted and incontestable trademarks," Comic-Con International spokesperson David Glanzer said in the statement.

Later in the press release, Comic-Con International's attorney Peter Hahn is quoted as saying the Supplemental Registration "will have no effect on the ongoing infringement litigation."

The issue between Comic-Con International and Salt Lake Comic Con dates back nearly exactly a year, with Comic-Con International -- which produces Comic-Con International in San Diego, the largest and highest-profile convention in the United States, along with WonderCon -- sending Salt Lake Comic Con a cease and desist letter, claiming use of the term "Comic Con." Salt Lake responded by stating, "Nobody owns the words 'Comic Con' (short for comic convention) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office has already ruled on this."

The latest Comic-Con International wrapped earlier this month. The next installment of Salt Lake Comic Con, which last year claimed an attendance of more than 120,000, is scheduled for Sept. 24-26.

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