<i>Salt</i> Director Phillip Noyce Lines Up <i>Bloodsport</i> Remake

Jean-Claude Van Damme's heyday of trashy action movies may be long over, but dammit if his legacy doesn't still live on with several well-placed kicks to your face. The Van Damme classic Bloodsport came out in 1988, and since Hollywood has pillaged pretty much every major franchise for remakes, reboots and retreads, I guess it's high time we turned to the B-movies of the world. That's right, Bloodsport: The Remake, is for real, and ScreenDaily has the first details.

This one gets bonus points for being ushered along by producer Edward Pressman (Phantom of the Paradise, Conan the Barbarian, The Crow), and for nabbing Robert Mark Kamen as the screenwriter. I'm fairly confident that the man who brought both Transporter movies and Taken into the world is capable of doing something fun with Bloodsport. And Salt director Phillip Noyce is at the helm, which is fine.

Described as a "reinvention," it seems that the original's story will be tweaked a bit for the new movie. An American heads to Brazil to salve his emotional wounds after witnessing horrible acts of violence in Afghanistan, and ends up getting involved in a martial arts contest. There is literally nothing about the above synopsis that makes sense. Does anyone go to Brazil to relax and take the mind off of violence? We're talking about a country that has an entire Wikipedia entry devoted to laying out the criminal situation there.

Just to be clear, that's not necessarily a point against the Bloodsport revival. This is Bloodsport after all. If it made sense, it would be crapping all over the spirit of the original movie.

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