Salt 2 Targets New Writer

Columbia Pictures wants more Salt on the table -- Evelyn Salt, that is. After the 2010 Angelina Jolie spy film grossed $293.5 million, the studio hired the original's writer Kurt Wimmer for the the follow-up, but apparently Jolie wasn't happy with the results. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Columbia didn't want to leave it at that, so executives are now in talks with Becky Johnston to take a pass at the script.

Johnston's credits include The Prince of Tides, Seven Years in Tibet and the upcoming Colin Firth/Emily Blunt drama Alfred Newman. She might seem like an unusual choice, but she's also worked on Brad Bird's 1906 and Wonder Woman, so an action film about a sleeper agent wouldn't be completely out of her wheelhouse. Whether Johnston signs on might sway Jolie about officially joining the production.

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